How to install Tweetboard on WordPress (via Screenjelly)

July 6, 2009 1 comment

Check out my screen recording on Screenjelly that explains how to install Tweetboard on your WordPress custom installation:

Unsubsidized iPhone 3G S ordered from Apple Store!

June 12, 2009 3 comments

Following the instructions @ ModMyIPhone, I successfully ordered my new iPhone 3G S without a AT&T commitment. Of course, we’ll have to wait for the awesome iPhone dev team to publish an unlock mechanism but I am pretty sure it will be WAY before 2 years (which is AT&T contract commitment).
Check it out!

Unsubsidized 3GS Order

I haven’t received an email confirmation from Apple. This is not a good sign ;-(

Update 2:
Looks like I just received an email from Apple Store and the iPhone is set to be delivered by June 19th!

Finally “Sad but true”

April 2, 2009 No comments yet

After hours of pot calibration, rubber band trick, opening and closing, firmware upgrades, I am able to play it!

Hacking the XBox 360

March 31, 2009 No comments yet

Who said it was easy?

Tiltshift Video

March 19, 2009 1 comment

Kinda cool

the east side of Los Angeles on a sunny day (tilt-shift & time-lapse) from clark vogeler on Vimeo.

Original Link

Aladdin – where Rhapsody came from

February 25, 2009 No comments yet

As I was thinking more about TuneTo and reading the Wikipedia article about Rhapsody, it made me smile remembering the good ol’ times when Alex and I built a prototype right after Christmas 2000 called Aladdin.
[Except originally we called it SNapster for "Super Napster", something the article doesn't say!]

Digging around my HD, I actually found it! The service obviously is not up anymore but here’s a screenshot of what gave the idea to Listen to buy us (and build Rhapsody).

The concept was that you could search for any song, album or artist and you could stream the music as if it was on your HD. The catch is that you’d have to pay to stream it (and keep streaming it). Sounds familiar isn’t it?

Look at this. Not even 2 weeks of development if I recall…