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  1. mark
    August 22, 2015


    Downloaded both AirMusic and MusicFlow today, got to say MusicFlow is amazing, great work!! been looking for a way to stream to my xbox one from spotify and apple music and this works perfectly!

    Just had one question, I’ve got an xbox one and when i press airplay to the xbox it works perfectly but only shows the icon for the application on my tv, the application name ‘Music Flow’ and ‘unknown’ underneath. Is there a way to show the current track / album cover instead?



    • Sylvain
      August 28, 2015

      You can turn off “Gapless” in MusicFlow settings and it should show the track name (unless it is AppleMusic Radio1). However you will hear a gap between songs and maybe even some audio missing. I am still working on a solution to the problem.


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