Platinum released

July 11, 2006 5 comments

Usual place.

– Added support for Linux, Xbox, cygwin platforms (using Scons
– Now using timeouts on sockets. Fixed search not being repeatly sent.
– Moved Neptune under ThirdParty folder
– Fixed missing NptFile.cpp file.

Known issues:
– Aborting on some platforms (linux/xbox) is not immediate. Sockets cannot be easily aborted by simply calling closesocket.

SCons: A software construction tool

July 10, 2006 No comments yet

In a few days, I should be posting a new version of Platinum with support for a few new platforms, including XBox (well of course!), Linux & Cygwin. Btw, I have decided to go with SCons instead of make. It’s much easier to use and add new platform support that way. I just have to finalize one little detail and it should be ready. If anyone has suggestions on how to abort a blocking socket call (in a cross platform way), please don’t hesitate.

UPnP Sharing – XBMC update

July 9, 2006 17 comments

Today I fixed the upnp bookmarks pb that people have encountered. I also improved the auto-discovery by autostarting the upnp client / discovery on boot (it’s an option if you don’t like it). This helps as it gives more time to discover UPnP servers before bookmarks are selected. I also cleaned up the code a bit under the hood. Btw, the UPnP sharing option is now explained in the manual.

Paypal donations welcome

July 5, 2006 1 comment

Today, I opened a paypal account. If you feel generous to help me out buy a 2nd Xbox so I can implement the P2P support I have been talking about, please do so by sending me donations using as the recipient. Thanks a bunch!

Xbox P2P ?

July 4, 2006 8 comments

In a follow up to my comment, I experimented a bit tonite and indeed I was able to get the xbox to receive broadcast packets. This means that it would be possible for xboxes to find each other’s UPnP Media servers by broadcasting their search requests (and notify) on the broadcast address. This is very exciting. It would be possible to stream from one xbox to another. How sweet would that be? Of course, that means I need to buy a second xbox. Any donations are welcome ;-)

Broadcast, not Multicast stupid!

July 4, 2006 No comments yet

Yes! UPnP auto-discovery in xbmc now works! Per XBMCFanboy suggestion, I looked at the XBMS protocol (for auto-discovery) and realized they were using the address to broadcast their search. I tried with Platinum and it worked! When I send a M-SEARCH request on this address & the UPnP port 1900, EVERY UPnP media servers respond to me! That means you can have more than 1 UPnP server on a host or many hosts and they will all be detected. This is very cool.

Now there’s still a pb I have to work on, since the xbox cannot receive multicast packets, it’s not able to receive the notifications when UPnP servers go away. Although it’s pretty rare, it is possible and the device would still be in the list in xbmc. Kind of a cosmetic detail but I am a complete freak when it comes to the last 5% that makes a good product a perfect one.