Microsoft: Why you shouldn’t kill FairUse4WM

August 27, 2006 2 comments

Engadget recently wrote an interesting piece: An Open Letter to Microsoft – Why you shouldn’t kill FairUse4WM – Engadget.

While the tone is pretty candid, I have to say they have a point:

“Does the fact that we could quit and “keep” the music that we’ve been “renting” a problem? Theoretically, but what’s going to keep consumers paying those monthly fees isn’t the threat of losing access to their collection (though that’s part of it); what keeps them paying is the continuing access to a large, frequently updated catalog of new releases and older tunes.”

What if they were right?

On the fun side, what I love about the article is the last sentence:

“FairUse4WM means that all our PlaysForSure tracks will actually play for sure, so please don’t go and spoil it.”

feedmap .net (BETA) : Where Blogs Meet Maps

August 3, 2006 No comments yet

Check out this interesting mashup. I finally got to use that stupid word on my blog.

Google Analytics

August 3, 2006 No comments yet

Although I have been using Statcounter for a while (and I am pretty happy with it), I have decided to give Google Analytics a try. Interface looks cool. So please hit me! hit me!


meebo me widget!

August 2, 2006 No comments yet

Wow. I just found out about this awesome idea. The meebo me widget! The little IM thing on the top left on my site is a live IM widget. This means that if I am connected on meebo, you can chat live with me! Isn’t that cool??!? Now I just need to figure out html so that the widget doesn’t get refreshed everytime a link on the site is clicked because this causes the meebo widget to relogin.

Any idea how to do that? A frame?
The best thing is that even if I am not logged in, all IMs are stored on the backend and displayed once I log in. This is freaking awesome.

Except the meebo UI is really slow. This ajax thing needs optimization…
In any case, mark my words. This company is not backed by Sequoia Capital for nothing. This is huge. You can bet this is going to be on every MySpace page in no time.

How do I invest in this company !?!?

Update: The novelty faded and I decided to remove it from the page for now.

Update2: I found out today via Om Malik’s blog that this company, which does the same thing and even more, just got acquired by AOL.


August 2, 2006 No comments yet

So I have been pretty busy the last week-end. I have decided to look into how Mozilla plugins work. So I have started to learn about XPCOM, XUL & JavaScript and it’s damn cool! I was able to write a Mozilla (Firefox) component using the gecko sdk. I found some really cool tools:

– A Firefox extension to debug Javascript
– An Eclipse plugin to write Javascript (haven’t tried it yet though)

I am slowly becoming a Web 2.0 expert. Who knows what the future lies in front of us now!

WordPress upgrade fun…or not

August 2, 2006 Comments Off on WordPress upgrade fun…or not

K. has been complaining about the spam she gets in Comments in her blog so she turned off the Comments which is kind of a shame. So I decided to install akismet. Of course, it required WordPress 2.0 and she was still running 1.5. Somehow I never installed her blog using the dreamhost goodies so I had to upgrade myself…

First, found and installed a nice plugin to backup the database, made an extra copy of the entire folder, installed the new WP 2.04 and followed instructions. Pretty simple. Of course, 2.0.4 doesn’t work with K. theme so it’s all busted. They also removed some features like being able to choose the picture thumbnail size during upload which is LAME!

While messing around with dreamhost, I also accidentally forced wordpress on Plutinosoft to be upgraded to 2.0.3 which of course broke a few things like the StatCounter plugin for WordPress 1.0. After playing around with a new theme, I figured it out so I should be able to get statistics again. I was getting worried. No traffic yesterday! Well I haven’t posted anything new and fun anyways…

Meanwhile dreamhost has been very flaky these last few days. Apparently they had 2 major power outages judging from the email I received and their blog.