Songbird launches DLNA support using Platinum SDK.

November 16, 2012 No comments yet

Songbird, the acclaimed music desktop and mobile application, released a new desktop application with support for DLNA devices thanks to easy integration of the Platinum SDK.

Check their blog entry

Automatic HockeyApp/TestFlight Upload XCode Script

March 27, 2012 1 comment

If you’ve ever want to distribute your iOS app to beta testers, reviewers or investors, you know how painful it is.

Usually when there’s pain, there’s a Business opportunity. Indeed. You can now use services such as TestFlight & HockeyApp to automate the process of distributing AdHoc builds.

But it’s still cumbersome to manually upload builds.

Thankfully both services have an API so it’s just a matter of writing a script and hook it up inside XCode.

  • Fist off, if you work with a team, make sure to “share” your target scheme.

  • Second, Edit Scheme and add a Pre-Action Run Script to Build. This will increment the CFBundleVersion in your plist when you make an adhoc build. This ensures that all builds uploaded to TestFlight or HockeyApp have a different version (They use a combination of you CFBundleShortVersionString and CFBundleVersion). [This script assumes that you created an adhoc configuration with “Adhoc” in its name]

Here’s the script.

  • Then, select Archive and choose the adhoc build configuration you created.

  • Then add a Post-Action Run script to Archive. [Make sure to select your target in “Provide Build Settings from”]

Here’s the script. Make sure to update your API keys and select the service you want using theĀ UPLOAD_SERVICE variable.



iDemo 1.2.0 out

October 27, 2011 20 comments

Today, we’ve launched some exciting new features. iDemo now has a fullscreen mode! Yes, you’ve asked for it and it is available now for both Windows and Mac. Additionally, we’ve added support for new ScreenSplitr 2.3 secure authentication. You can now set a password to protect WiFi access to your device.

ScreenSplitr 2.3 will soon be available on Cydia and is now compatible with iOS 5.

AirMusic 1.4 submitted to AppStore

August 3, 2011 2 comments

– Library stuck issue fix
– Random crashes fixes
– Now showing Contributing Artists & Album Artists
– Windows Media Player now seeing Playlists
– Reduced long pauses between tracks
– Added support for new clients Twonky, PlugPlayer, …
– Now compatible with iOS5

AirMusic 1.2 on its way

April 12, 2011 2 comments

Trying to find the time to work on AirMusic is challenging but I have been slowly but surely improving things and adding audiobooks & podcasts support.

At the same time, I have started working on Photos and Videos support to try to resurrect AirShow. The public APIs suck as much as the music ones so it’s going to take a while unfortunately. In any case, AirMedia (Music, Videos, Photos) will be submitted soon to Apple I hope.

I have also bought a Boxee Box to try to support it.
Oh my. The new UI is plain horrible and Apple has nothing to worry about them but being able to watch a 1080P movie over WiFi without a hickup is kinda nice. Take that Hulu.

Any idea if Boxee can be customized without having to install a full XBMC version on it?

AirMusic 1.1 submitted

March 15, 2011 1 comment

Last night, AirMusic update was submitted to Apple. It includes the following fixes and improvements:

– Songs purchased on iTunes working again
– Background support (need to wake up the app every 10 min though to keep music playing due to iOS limitation)
– Dramatically improved song startup time
– Updated UI to combine Devices & Computers as Connections
– Sony TV Bravia support added
– Windows Media 11 support added
– Now shows album arts on PS3, Bravia TVs, Samsung & more (except XBox)
– More DLNA compatible devices support added
– Added High Quality Streams toggle (turn off if audio is stuttering)
– Fixed crashes due to bad song metadata
– Fixed empty artist folders or duplicate