AirMusic live in the AppStore!

February 24, 2011 4 comments

Apple took a bit of time but in the end approved AirMusic and it’s being retweeted like mad already on the Twittersphere.

iTunes link:



doubleTwist AirTwist powered by Platinum

February 18, 2011 No comments yet

Yesterday, the doubleTwist company I contracted for a couple months ago finally announced an awesome feature called AirTwist. With AirTwist, you can now stream your music, video and photos from your Android phone to a TV using a PS3 or XBox. This is the first Android product released which is powered by our Platinum UPnP SDK.

Check out their press release and blog entry.

AirMusic submitted for review

February 11, 2011 No comments yet

Last night, I put the finishing touches to AirMusic and submitted to Apple for review. I am hopeful they will not reject it because it’s damn cool ;-).

After a first rejection due to a mistake on my end with anti-crack protection, I resubmitted and it’s now back in review. Waiting game now.

And it’s now live on iTunes!

iDemo 1.1.0 out

January 10, 2011 10 comments

It’s been a long time due. We’ve update iDemo with some really cool features:

New Features
– Added iPhone 4th Gen & iPad device shell.
– Automatic proper device selection upon connection (can also be manually set via menu).
– Device can now be rotated in all directions, by 90° increments, via menu or command+left/right keys.
– Shell can now be resized or stretched so iPad or iPhone 4 can fit on smaller screen resolutions.
– Can now enter device IP manually for when network topology prevents Bonjour from working.

Changes & Fixes
– USB now working with Display Recorder.
– Added support for iPod 4th Gen.
– Improved Multi-Display support.


For all support questions go to

iDemo 1.0.7 out

August 12, 2010 27 comments

A few days ago, we released iDemo 1.0.7 with early support for iPad device on OSX. We also fixed some WiFi issues on Windows due to IPV6. All of you having issues with iDemo not seeing your iPhone over WiFi on Windows should try with the latest version.

Next version of iDemo will include:
– iPad support on Windows
– Support for Display Recorder on iPad and USB

Thank you for your support!


Not heard anything from Steve Jobs about our demand for approving iDemo for non jailbroken iPhones. Sorry guys, it bums us out too.

iDemo 1.0.6 out

July 6, 2010 17 comments

In preparation for our iDemo app to be approved by Apple, we just released a new version of iDemo. This includes USB support so you will be able to plug your iDevice with a USB cable into your computer and iDemo will connect to it with a much faster framerate.

And this feature is available for Mac (even 10.5 ppc) & Windows from the get go!

This version also includes support for the latest ScreenSplitr with iOS4 support that we hear is coming out today.

Stay Tuned.