iDemo is live!

Posted on June 1, 2010

After weeks of work, iDemo is finally live. iDemo is DemoGod proud successor. It was completely rewritten from scratch to support not only ScreenSplitr but Display Recorder as well. Display Recorder is the latest iPhone app for jailbroken iPhones that mirrors your screen over Wifi but with a much faster refresh rate than ScreenSplitr.

iDemo 1.0.1 is free during the beta with the intention to sell it for $9.99 within a week. You will always be able to use iDemo for free for up to 5 minutes once you’ve connected to your iPhone. We think that this is enough time for you to test that it is working and worth it.

iDemo (or rather DemoGod) is being used by Teachers and Students all around the globe, so $9.99 is for a good cause and will help us adding more features. For example, things we’re currently working on are:

– Windows version
– iPad support
– Mirroring via USB connection
– Unjailbroken iPhone support (maybe)

So, if you want to see these features (or others), remember to buy a license next week. By the way, we have set up a help section where you can ask questions or suggest new features. Go nuts!

Thank you

10 Responses to “iDemo is live!”

  1. Frank Lowney
    Jun 12, 2010

    Please explain how iDemo ($10) is better than DemoGod (free).

  2. Frank Lowney
    Jun 12, 2010

    What are the current barriers to a version of ScreenSplitr for iPad and iPhone that can be purchased via the App Store (unjailbroken)?

  3. Frank Lowney
    Jun 12, 2010

    What are the benefits of mirroring via USB? Greater speed? How would one measure mirroring in terms of fidelity? Framerate? Whatever the metric, it would be interesting to see ScreenSplitr vs Display Recorder vs whatever the ideal value is.

  4. Tony
    Jun 24, 2010

    Ooops – almost forgot…

    Would this work on an iPhone 2? Is there a minimum iPhone operating system?

  5. Bret Hansen
    Jun 25, 2010

    Is IOS 4 supported? ScreenSplitr appears to not work on IOS 4 with a 3GS

  6. Frank Lowney
    Jul 04, 2010

    ScreenSplitr does not work on iOS4 on my 2G (non MC) iPod touch. Then, too, neither does Terminal. Apparently, there are big differences in iOS4 that have to be accounted for.

    The other option is Display Recorder but I’m not about to buy it if it also doesn’t work. Anyone here have any experience with it under iOS4? Without a working screen broadcaster on an iOS device, it makes no good economic sense to purchase iDemo.

    Even if Display Recorder does work with iOS4, there’s the total cost issue. With iDemo costing $10 plus Display Recorder at $5, the total cost of ownership is $15. That’s pretty high when compared with Apple’s far more functional iMovie for iPhone 4 at only $5.

  7. Sylvain
    Jul 04, 2010

    We’ve recently (last Friday) submitted iDemo app to Apple. This essentially gives same (and better) functionality as ScreenSplitr except it works on non-jailbroken iphones running iOS4.

    A new version of iDemo will be released when Apple approves our app.

  8. Sylvain
    Jul 04, 2010

    Please visit for ScreenSplitr related questions.

  9. Simon
    Jul 06, 2010

    So if apple doesn’t release the app would you be considering posting the app to cydia?

  10. Rob
    Jul 25, 2010

    app refused?

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