Platinum binaries

Posted on December 5, 2006

I have been requested to offer a prebuilt version of Platinum. So I have. Find them here. This includes among other things a folder-based MediaServer.

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  1. pike
    Dec 08, 2006

    Thanks ;)

  2. Anonymous
    Jan 01, 2007

    xbmc error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: static class NPT_GenericQueue * __cdecl NPT_GenericQueue::CreateInstance(unsigned int)” (?CreateInstance@NPT_GenericQueue@@SAPAV1@I@Z) referenced in function “public: __thiscall NPT_Queue::NPT_Queue(unsigned int)” (??0?$NPT_Queue@H@@QAE@I@Z)

    think NPTQueue.cpp is missing this static function definition.

  3. Sylvain
    Jan 02, 2007

    It looks like you’re right. In the XBMC project, I didn’t put (by mistake) the implementation of the queue in the library. But since I don’t use it, it never complained.

    May I ask what you are trying to do with the queue in xbmc?

  4. elupus
    Jan 03, 2007

    i didn’t use it, but since it’s in the headers, visual studio in it’s infinite wisdom wanted it. really can’t tell why. i just put in a dummy for now.

  5. Pioneer
    Jan 24, 2007

    By the childbirth announcement and the reduction in posts, it sounds like you’re at the age where the open source projects start to cave in to real world activities.

    You could probably get a job at Pioneer if you wanted to do DLNA for a living.

    We’ve been working on DLNA servers for the last 6 years, writing one DLNA server after another for new products and it would be nice if there was a single library we could just plug into every new product. Our second DLNA server is available for download:

    That went to all the plugfests between 2004 and 2005 and theoretically won a certification but hasn’t been tested in years and hasn’t been used with our Blu-Ray player.

    We have a DLNA server based on uIP currently in development but it doesn’t look very fitting for a general purpose library.

    In testing your DLNA server, the instance of FileMediaServerTest isn’t showing up in MicroMediaController. They’re both running on the same Linux box. Does something else have to be done to get FileMediaServerTest to show up?

  6. Sylvain
    Jan 24, 2007


    Yes the baby slowed me quite a bit but I have actually been working hard in the last 2 weeks to integrate Platinum UPnP Server inside the XBMC project.

    New post to follow soon

    In regards to your pb, I am looking into it, I have a new version to put up on sourceforge.

  7. matthias
    Feb 24, 2007


    is there special Neptune webpage? The sourceforge project seems to be outdated.


  8. Sylvain
    Feb 24, 2007

    The person in charge of Neptune is a good friend of mine so I have access to the latest stuff that he has not published yet. I’ll let him know to update it.

    In the meantime, you can go directly to his svn repository:


  9. matthias
    Mar 03, 2007


    thanks, unfortunately the PSP part disappeared. Is it possible compile the Neptun Lib with the SDK? In the code are many unkown symbols und the PSP code.


  10. Sylvain
    Mar 03, 2007

    Yes, you can use the Build/Targets/mipsel-psp-linux from my version of Neptune in Platinum Thirdparty. I haven’t checked that this still works however.

  11. Phill
    Jul 17, 2007


    Can you help a noobie….

    I’m trying to understand the mechanics of the PLT_Metadatahander class in filemediaservertest example.

    The current implemenation in the ::BuildFromPath method always fails to find a match as no m_Metadatahandler exists.

    I tried to use the handler-> load(filepath) but get an access violation in VS2005 debug…

    Anyway this is all new to be but I’m really keen to learn this and start tinkering… my main knowledge is C# and Fortan many moons ago..



  12. Sylvain
    Jul 17, 2007

    PLT_MetadataHandler class is an interface. You have to provide your implementation and call AddMetadataHandler on the FileMediaServer. When a request comes in, the media server looks for a matching metadata handler (based on the file extension only right now) and calls the function load then. After that, the filemediaserver queries the handler for additionnal metadata that was read from the file to populate the upnp specific information (album arts, artist name, etc..)

  13. Sylvia
    Jul 20, 2007

    Hi Sylvain, could you help out another noobie :P. I know XBox uses your UPnP Platinum code to make their media extender. Is that from the MediaRenderer code? And is that fully implemented…? The documentation says it’s not.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  14. Phill
    Jul 22, 2007


    Question ?
    Ever considered adding a C++/CLR wrapper to the libPlatinum or libUpnp (Think this is the portable libary XBMC uses) then us C# folk would have seemless intergration from a dll. Lots of work but Mediaportal and XBMC woud be on even ground, hell I’d even pay for it …

    BTW thanks for your help, i’d never seen an interface described in C++ before ( C# is so easy) noobie , see.


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    Apr 15, 2011

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