What’s next?

Posted on October 28, 2006

Well now that v0.3.0.0 is out, here’s what is in the pipeline:

– Improve Http server with a threadpool to throttle number of connections that can be handled in parallel. Without it, this is becoming a big problem since I only support HTTP 1.0 right now.

– Fix the crash I am seeing on my home machine which I believe is due to a corrupted version of .NET 2003 (How could this happen!!).

– Add Search support to MediaServer (possibly integrate sqlite and start building a small local database).

– Better support for MediaServer update/eventing.

– Make MediaServer visible/accessible to the XBox 360 (almost there already but I need the Search support otherwise it’s a hack).

If time permits:

– Add transcoding capabilities to MediaCrawler.

– Look into DLNA + UPnP v2 specs.

3 Responses to “What’s next?”

  1. JJ
    Nov 07, 2006

    good news that plans are in place to make v3 visible to the xbox360.. no sure how or if possible, does platinium have a plugin structure so eg… a transcoder could be imported to make all your videos appear to be windows media files ;-)

  2. seongnam
    Nov 21, 2006

    1. I have built your library and have found that LightSampleTest.cpp, HttpClientTest.cpp and HttpServerTest1.cpp are not working now. i couldn’t compile those.

    2. I have tried to use “Experimental MediaRenderer commands (not yet full implemented)” with MediaCrawler and MediaController,but it didn’t work at all. how can i activate MediaRender in the application with “setmr” command ?

    3. I used FileMediaServer for UPnP Service side, and I used MediaCrawler and MediaController for sink device side. is that correct test environment ?
    is there any extra client program which merged with renderer and controller without GUI ?


  3. Sylvain
    Nov 21, 2006


    Some answers:
    1. LightSampleTest is very old and I haven’t updated it. Same goes for the httpclient and httpserver tests. The sources are there but they are not part of the projects or build system. I’ll fix the light sample now but I need to rewrite the other tests.
    2. The MediaRenderer commands in the MicroMediaController work with a true MediaRenderer (like the one from the Intel UPnP Tools). The media renderer in Platinum is just a shell that receives commands, the commands are not handled (there’s no codec or player hooked in). It’s just to show how to implement a upnp renderer interface. How the renderer commands translate to playback is not something I want to takle (at least now and for free, this is a big task).
    3. The MediaCrawler is a special server that aggregates content. So I don’t know why you would want both the FileMediaServer and the MediaCrawler. The MediaController is for browsing a UPnP Server (so FileMediaServer or MediaCrawler).

    You need to explain better what you’re trying to achieve for me to answer you better.


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